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My name is Penny Iliadi. I am a midwife, the daughter of a midwife, a mother of two, a laboratory instructor at the Midwifery Department of the Technical Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens and treasurer for the Hellenic Psychoprophylactic Society.

From my mother I acquired the love for midwifery, my schooling gave me the knowledge and skills I need and my daughters gifted me with motherhood. My fellow students introduced me to new technologies sparking an avid interest in midwifery developments, while the Hellenic Psychoprophylactic Society brings me in touch with other healthcare professionals who like me, believe in and promote natural birth and breastfeeding.

I am a firm believer of scientifically substantiated midwifery care whose basic pillar is the mother’s, child’s and family’s needs. I try to offer this care on a daily basis as I aim at preparing couples to adapt to their new role as parents, a good birth experience and family support in the early weeks at home.

  • Studies at the Department of Midwifery at the Higher School for Executives of Health and Social Welfare, TEI Athens, 1993-1996, receiving a high-scoring degree (8.6)
  • Master’s Degree, MSc in Midwifery Studies, London, 1998-2000 with a scholarship funded by the State Scholarships Foundation (SSF)
  • Natural birth training from 1998 until present at the Hellenic Obstetric and Psychoprophylactic Society, the Hellenic Psychoprophylactic Society, and Eutokia, Association for the Promotion of Natural Birth.
  • Training in the preparation of parenthood based on the phenomenology of the Hellenic Obstetric and Psychoprophylactic Society’s headed by Dr. Emmanuel Galacteros 2002-2007
  • Training in addressing emergency midwifery cases (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics – ALSO) at Aretaeio Hospital in 2009.
  • Training in the management of obstetric perineal tears at the 1st Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the University of Athens in 2011
  • Breastfeeding training (early and advanced stage) in 1998-1999 as part of my master’s degree and by the Hellenic Midwives Association in 2013.
  • Training in the electronic cardiac monitoring of the fetus during pregnancy and at childbirth in 2015 at the Institute for Lifelong Learning.
  • Midwife at a private obstetrics-gynecology clinic, 1997-98
  • Self-employed since 2000, collaborating with all the private maternity hospitals, specializing in natural birth and breastfeeding.
  • Laboratory collaborator – educator at the Midwifery Department of the TEI Athens in the Labour room, the midwifery care in high risk pregnancy laboratory and the Postnatal Care of women laboratory since 2005.
  • Lecturer at seminars and workshops held on the couple’s psychosomatic preparation and childbirth by the Hellenic Psychoprophylactic Society since 2014.
  • Treasurer for the Hellenic Psychoprophylactic Society.
  • Publications in scientific journals, speeches at international and Greek conferences and seminars.



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Address: L. Mesogeion 401,
15343 Agia Paraskevi,
2nd floor
Underground parking
Tel. Number: 6977 966241
Working Hours: Monday, Wensday & Friday 17.00-21.00

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